Service Model Microscopes

The Original Service Model

LEFT - The 2nd Modified Service Model

Service Microscopes were sold in large numbers to Educational establishments. Their relatively simple form of construction meant that they withstood the rigours of classroom life extremely well. Even now some schools use this form of instrument in their laboratory environments. Numbers of these stands appear on the market and in all truth shouldn't be that expensive. It is unusual to find one in pristine condition but even apparently tired looking models still function perfectly well. Many of the 'old hands' still use such an instrument and are loathe to change.

RIGHT - The Service III (sometimes the SERVICE 3) Model

The Service III was by no means as popular as the previous Service models and not many of this model appear on the market. The racking system of this model bore the whole weight of the considerable limb and was susceptible to movement downwards because of this. The competition at this juncture had adopted a similar look to the standard laboratory instrument but had chosen to have the limb fixed and move the stage.