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Introduction by Brian Bracegirdle

Zeiss Compound Microscope Delivery Book 1857-1881

Carl Zeiss [1816-1888] set up his workshop in Jena in November 1846, and supplied his first intrument the next year. He sold spectacles and overhauled scientific instruments, as well as making simple microscopes [with magnifications of 15, 30, and 120x].

Pages 68-226 of the Zusammengesetzte [compound] entries cover serials 1-3749, and dates from 1857-1881. A summary of later serials and their dates is given in my Notes on Modern Microscope Manufacturers, published in 1996.

In this period Zeiss moved his workshop, as he came to require larger premises.

The entries are usually difficult to read, although this does become easier with practice.

The first column is the Delivery book serial. The reader should refer to the Page Index as regards this column.
The second column is the name of the customer, the third the town, the fourth the type of objectives [A, B etc.] and eyepieces [2,c3, etc.] supplied. Please refer to the notes section for an explanation of these codes.

Prices are discussed in the 1877 price list of object glasses [in English, and reproduced on CD A10 - Zeiss Delivery Book, simple microscopes: and Zeiss price lists.
In this 1877 list 1 mark = 1 shilling = 24 cents.

Zeiss Workshops 1847-1858

Zeiss Workshops 1858-1881

Zeiss Offices 1881

Carl Zeiss (1850)

Carl Zeiss aged 70 (1886)

Ernst Abbe (1886)